Wheels Across Africa

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Below are some reviews posted on the Archive by curious viewers:

"Travelogue that doesnt appear not a bit too long as a caravan of 4 people plus 2 Dodge trucks rumble across the African continent! I liked this one, as it's early (1936) travelogue approach and it's equal treatment of the natives there were positives for me. The caravan goes through slow, sand, grass and jungle and view lots and lots of animals, heck, they even bag a lion! Not too sure why they NEEDED to do that, but oh well, it'll give them something to talk about back home I guess. Recommended!"

"Quick "mosaique" of Africa of the 1936, mixing people and wildlife. Conceptually simple but not offensive, the main interest is educational, it can be used to show western ideas about Africa, in "ante-bellum" period. Some impressive images of tropical forest populations are remarcable."