The Arrest Of Lumumba

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Lumumba was the first Prime Minister of the the Congo after the country gained independence from Belgium. He only ruled for 67 days, but he left a legacy that still exists today. He rose from a beer salesmen to lead his country; but internal strife and the outside influence of foreign goverments lead to his arrest, downfall, and eventual murder, under the orders of another infamous Congolese, Colonel Mobutu.

Belgium came forward in 2000 and revealed that they played a key role in Lumumuba's death. It is also said that the CIA was kept abreast of the developments and turned a blind eye. During this era, it was typical for Western nations to back a horse that could be controlled by his desire for power or money, or was pro-capitalist, versus an unknown leader that might not be so easily swayed by greed or would turn towards the ideals of communism or socialism during tough times. Africa, like the rest of the world, was a battleground during the Cold War. To find out more about this African leader visit Wikipedia. A great movie called Lumumba, directed by Raoul Peck in 2001, profiles this event.