Destruction In Darfur

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Producer: Human Rights Watch
Contact Information: Link Media, Inc.
P.0. Box 2008
San Francisco, CA 94126-2008


Kasavubu Hailed In China

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China rally in Peking in protest of death of Lumumba in Congo, (partial newsreel).

Production Company: Universal Studios


Animated Short About Pyramids

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Review states, "The Moving Pyramid is a charming animated short that tells the story of corruption, power and revolution. This short combines traditional, papercut and computer animation and was completed in two years using Softimage software. The making of the Moving Pyramid would not have been possible without the assistance of Industrial Light and Magic and all the animators and technical directors who volunteered their valuable time."

Director: Wolf-Rudiger Bloss
Producer: Camille Eden
Production Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Contact Information:

123 Joice Street #5
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States
Fax: 415-448-2431

Louis Armstrong Plays In Congo

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One reviewer writes, "Brief newsreel clip of Louis Armstrong's historic African tour. Unforunately, Louis's trumpet playing is missing, we do see him arrive in a Congolese stadium carried by a litter and surrounded by an armed guard. There is also a brief clip of Louis playing on stage. Given the tensions of October 1960 (just after the U-2 incident, covered elsewhere in this collection), it is hardly surprising that Radio Moscow's reaction is given equal weight to the by then passe jazz lingo."

Production Company: Universal Studios

Report On Refugee Situation In Sudan

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Director: Deutsche Welle
Producer: Deutsche Welle
Production Company: Link Media, Inc.
P.0. Box 2008
San Francisco, CA 94126-2008


Storyteller In Yaounde Cameroon

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French: Une série de contes fait à Yaounde avec des conteurs camerounais.
English: A series of tales makes in Yaounde with storytellers camerounais.

Director: Liliane Boucher
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Keywords: Contes; Afrique; Africa
Contact Information:


Arrest of Last Mau Mau Leader

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News clip that touches on the history of Africa during the Mau Mau Uprising. This was an insurgency by Kenyan rebels against the British colonial administration from 1952 to 1960. While the uprising did not succeed militarily, it created a rift between the white settler community in Kenya and Home Office in London that set the stage for Kenyan independence in 1963. It is sometimes referred to as the Mau Mau Rebellion or the Mau Mau Revolt. (the Mau Mau section is buried in the middle of the clip so skip ahead if you feel so inclined)


Story From South Africa

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It is an interview with a young South African boy who is asked about race relations in the new South Africa. (He has a great answer when asked about racism in his school.) Further explore ideas about youth and racism internationally at the UN's site.

Director: Stephen Marshall
Producer: Sarah Aston/Paul McNulty
Production Company: Channel Zero/Psychedigital


A Last Hurrah In Cameroon

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Join an expat on his last drive around town with some of his buddies in the car.

French: J'ai travaille au Cameroun il y a quelques annees. J'ai decide de filmer ma derniere journee au Cameroun. Alors, voici un petit film de la ville de Yaounde.

English Translatation: I worked in Cameroun a few years ago. I decided to film my last day in Cameroun. Then, here a small film of the town of Yaounde.

Production Company: Art Partage
Audio/Visual: Stereo, mini-dv, couleur
Keywords: africa; cameroun; kino
Contact Information: Radhanath Gagnon


A Female View Of Cameroon

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We assume this is a tourists video or volunteers video of their time in Cameroon. Though their title to the movie is a bit pretentious at least they have posted video which allows viewers to get a quick peek at Cameroon. The movie has no talking and rather overlays a pop song for a soundtrack.

Missionary Perspective In Rwanda

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This is a photo video montage that profiles images taken by a missionary while in Rwanda. The video follows a progressive tone from tragedy to hope for a better future, a common theme of western media profiling Africa.

Uganda Is Using ''

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This video is a promotional video for a beauty pageant contestant in Uganda. It is encouraging to see Uganda utilizing open source software in the U.S. It is also good to remember for western viewers that not all videos about Africa have to be 'deep' or deal with the struggles of life.

The Alexandra Township

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This video was taken on a South African 'ghetto tour' of a township called Alexandra. The tours are marketed towards backpacking hostels, and they take foreigners into some of the poorest areas of South Africa. Some visitors are uncomfortable with the idea of putting poverty on display in this way. However, the tours devote a percentage of the profits to revitalizing the area. Whatever your opinion is, the video does give a glimpse into the physical life of these areas. The footage is a bit shaky and pixalated but still watchable -- and the guide provides some eyebrow raising facts, for example that the township's population of 500,000 people is packed into one square mile. Read about the efforts of Alexandra Renewal Project.

Director: Stephen Marshall
Producer: Sarah Aston/Paul McNulty
Production Company: Channel Zero/Psychedigital


Wheels Across Africa

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Below are some reviews posted on the Archive by curious viewers:

"Travelogue that doesnt appear not a bit too long as a caravan of 4 people plus 2 Dodge trucks rumble across the African continent! I liked this one, as it's early (1936) travelogue approach and it's equal treatment of the natives there were positives for me. The caravan goes through slow, sand, grass and jungle and view lots and lots of animals, heck, they even bag a lion! Not too sure why they NEEDED to do that, but oh well, it'll give them something to talk about back home I guess. Recommended!"

"Quick "mosaique" of Africa of the 1936, mixing people and wildlife. Conceptually simple but not offensive, the main interest is educational, it can be used to show western ideas about Africa, in "ante-bellum" period. Some impressive images of tropical forest populations are remarcable."

Women Of Burkina Faso

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This video in Italian interviews a photographer discussing a photography project that has profiled the women of Burkina Faso. This small country found in the Upper Volta sits above Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. Each year several hundred thousand Burkinabe migrate to these lower countries in search of paid labor.

Central African Safari Docudrama

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This 1930s docudrama profiles the journey of two white men into the 'dark heart' of Africa. The tone of the movie stays light, jovial, and racist, illustrating a typically colonial outlook about Africa. The protagonists seem to be on a boyish adventure and joke (sometimes offensively) about the natives' attitudes and customs. Also, the movie's setting shifts back and forth between Africa and a transparently Hollywood set. All in all, it's a telling glimpse of this time in American history and it's prejudices. Read some articles about the portrayal of Africa in film.


Samba and the Genie of the River

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French: Legende africaine tourne a Nigadoo. Ce film a ete produit lors de la Kino Karavane.
English: Turned African Legende with Nigadoo. This film was produced at the time of Kino Karavane.

Author:Kino Karavane
Contact:Radhanath Gagnon


Coca Cola In North Africa

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This video is a tour of a Coca-Cola bottling plant in North Africa, Egypt. It is in arabic and is unique. It is an extended advertisment from a bygone era. Christine Henninng reviews it saying, "we find out that polite, well-heeled folks in this country enjoy going out to nightclubs in the evening and drinking Coca-Cola while singing along to a catchy advertising jingle."

The Arrest Of Lumumba

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Lumumba was the first Prime Minister of the the Congo after the country gained independence from Belgium. He only ruled for 67 days, but he left a legacy that still exists today. He rose from a beer salesmen to lead his country; but internal strife and the outside influence of foreign goverments lead to his arrest, downfall, and eventual murder, under the orders of another infamous Congolese, Colonel Mobutu.

Belgium came forward in 2000 and revealed that they played a key role in Lumumuba's death. It is also said that the CIA was kept abreast of the developments and turned a blind eye. During this era, it was typical for Western nations to back a horse that could be controlled by his desire for power or money, or was pro-capitalist, versus an unknown leader that might not be so easily swayed by greed or would turn towards the ideals of communism or socialism during tough times. Africa, like the rest of the world, was a battleground during the Cold War. To find out more about this African leader visit Wikipedia. A great movie called Lumumba, directed by Raoul Peck in 2001, profiles this event.


Montage Of Historical Events In Africa

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News clip that touches on the history of Africa during the turmoil of the 1960s i.e. Algerian independence, apartheid in South Africa, and division in the Congo. This was a time when the continent was being divided along the politcal lines off pro-capitalism or pro-communism. Many dictators survived and were even supported by Western powers as long as they thwarted the encroachment of communism or socialism abroad.


Abuse Of Mandrax In South Africa

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This video clip gives a brief background about the abuse of Mandrax, a drug that can be highly addictive. The filmmakers also visit with several men in a public housing area as they get high.

Director: Stephen Marshall
Producer: Sarah Aston/Paul McNulty
Production Company: Channel Zero/Psychedigital

Ghana's Independence Day Event

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This video clip allows you to watch some of the celebrations on the day Ghana gained it's independence. Ghana was the first African colony to do so. Learn more.